Scrapbook How To: Make a Tree Accent using Patterned Paper

Hi everyone,

With Christmas this week you’re probably focused on gifts, meals, and planning for family and friends. This simple and cute accent will look great on your Christmas layouts. Plus, you can adjust the papers to match your photos for a cohesive look.

Here’s the finished tree that Jennifer McGuire created.

Tree Accent by Jennifer McGuire from November/December 2010

Use these steps to recreate this tree (remember, feel free to use papers you have in your stash to create your accent).

Step 1: Cut patterned paper into triangle.

Step 2: Cut transparency to same shape and size as patterned paper.


Step 3: Adhere patterned paper and transparency together.

If you don’t have a printed transparency, stamp a design using solvent ink on a transparency or vellum.

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3 Responses to Scrapbook How To: Make a Tree Accent using Patterned Paper

  1. Frances Peets says:

    Very nice and very simple indeed!

  2. Susie Draper says:

    Quick & easy to do. Embellishments don’t have to be complicated to give a page that finished touch. Thanks.

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